All controls and hotkeys of Black Prophecy right here.

Flying the shipEdit

W - Accelerate

S - Stop

A - Strafe Left

D - Strafe Right

Q - Roll Left

E - Roll Right

6 - Increase Cruise Speed

7 - Decrease Cruise Speed/Reverse

Press 'Space' to activate what is known as “mouse mode”. This highlights all objects and ships within radar

of your ship and lets you select them with your mouse. It also opens the top icon bar that you can use to

access various information screens.

Such as : Starmap, Sector Overview, Inventory, Storage, Mission Log, Character, Ship Info, Clan,

Encyclopedia & News, Game Menu, Premium Shop

Sector target list (keyboard shortcut: U)Edit

Hostile targets are on the left, friendly targets in the middle, and neutral targets on the right. A single click on

something on the list will target that object, double-clicking will target the object and close the menu. Rightclicking

will open a menu with context-sensitive options.


You can target any object within radar range (~2000 meters) by entering mouse mode and targeting it with

your mouse, by using the sector target list, or by using one of the several keyboard shortcuts available for


T - Target closest enemy

,(comma) - Next target (includes friendly and neutral objects)

.(dot) - Previous target

Starmap (keyboard shortcut: M)

Shows all the sectors you currently have access to. Simply select a sector you want to go to and click

“Jump”. Please note that jumping out of a sector during a mission will cancel the mission, and that if you

leave the sector while you are playing the prologue missions, the missions will be reset.