Energy Weapons are great for reducing a enemy ships shields but only deals moderate damage to a hostile ships structural durability. The disadvantage to energy weapons is they will only do hull damage once the enemies shields have been entirely depleted. There are 7 types of energy weapons each with their own uses.

Pulse Laser:Edit

The laser is one of the simpler types of energy weapons: It bundles light and "fires" at a fast rate but only causes a limited amount of damage. It is, however, susceptible to overheating.
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Particle Beam:Edit

The beam is a extremely intense permanant laser. It overheats quickly, allowing only sporadic usage, but deals masssive damage.
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Plasma Gun:Edit

It fires charged plasma. It fires at a medium rate with damage noticebly higher than that of the laser.
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Plasma Flamethrower:Edit

A weapon similiar to a flamethrower that fires off massive amounts of plasma. While its range is rather limited, it can deal massive amounts of damage in close-range dogfights. Its use has to be timed carefully because it overheats quickly.
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Fusion Gun:Edit

Fires a ball of bundled energy. This weapon can be charged, increasing the fireballs size and power the longer it is charged. This makes it a very scaleable weapon for different combat situations.
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Lightning Gun:Edit

This weapon fires an impulse like lighting over a long distance, dealing large amounts of damage to shields only, making this the perfect shield breaker.
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Rail Gun:Edit

An energy variation of the Sniper Gun - lower damage output but a higher fire rate.
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