Skill explosives

Explosive weapons are slow and unwieldy. They generally do area damage. Their highly dynamic particle clouds penetrate the shield generator's energy fields unchecked. In return they dont reduce shield strength. Explosives dont bother with shields and instead deal direct hull damage. Explosives, though are heavy in mass and can cause problems with mobility. Therefore it is not suggested for a agile fighter and a more tank like combo.

Missile Launcher:Edit

A missile launcher is used to attach the missile weapons explained below. Make sure to equip the missile launcher in the correct module slot on your ship otherwise you will not be able to use any missiles.
Missile Launcher

Plague Rocket:Edit

The plague rocket pod sports many tubes filled with close to medium ranged unguided rockets that can be fired at a high rate.
New plague

Scavenger Missile:Edit

The Scavenger is a unguided long-range missile with an impressive explosive power intended for attacking large, slow ships.
New scavenger

Carnivore Missile:Edit

The carnivore is a fast and agile guided missile designed for fighters.
New carnivore

Cannibal Missile:Edit

The cannible missile is a guided missile that automatically releases smaller unguided rockets near its target.
New cannibal

Grenade Launcher:Edit

The semi-automatic grenade launcher usually fires proximity fused grenades with a effective explosion radius of 10 meters.
New grenade

Flak Cannon:Edit

The flak cannon spreads shrapnel over a mid-range distance. Its explosion radius and firing frequency are impressive.
Flak Cannon