Skill mechanical

Projectile weapons will cause significant hull damage but are hindered by shields because it takes them longer to wear down a shields strength. Projectile weapons cause kinetic damage and are generally light weight giving you lots of mobility when flying.

Chain Gun:Edit

A simple projectile weapon that fires at a medium rate and overheats slowly.
New chaingun


The Vulcan has a very high firing rate, but overheats quickly and also only fires small projectiles.
New vulcan


A scattergun fires a dense mass of bullets with extreme spread. This renders it rather useless for long-range combat, but it could decide a victory in a close-range dogfight.
New scatter

Seeker Cannon:Edit

This cannon fires very large projectiles which can home in on their target to a certain degree. Its disadvantage is the medium damage, range and frequency.
New seeker

Magnum Cannon:Edit

This cannon fires a large, slow projectile that deals a large amount of damage. It has a low firing rate, though.

New magnum

Sniper Gun:Edit

A weapon used to pick single ships off at a long distance. Has a very long range and deals the most amount of damage, but also overheats quickly meaning a low firing rate.
New sniper